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A Market Solution for Affordable Housing: ADUs

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

We see a problem, and instead of waiting around for a solution, we are going to create one.

What’s the problem? The BIG issue is Atlanta’s lack of housing diversity and affordability. As you may have heard (or noticed), Atlanta is expected to see substantial growth over the next few decades. We not only need sufficient housing to address the oncoming population increase, we need sufficient housing options (particularly in terms of affordability and location). I mean, we need affordable housing options in locations where jobs and services are. This helps foster mixed-income, mixed-use communities while also decreasing traffic. Sounds nice, right?

However, a majority of our city is currently made up of single family neighborhoods; in addition, a majority of our city is zoned specifically for single family uses. In the lapse of an immediate zoning overhaul, we need a solution that can work within our existing zoning and codes. So…how to provide affordable housing options in desirable locations while abiding by our existing zoning codes? ANSWER: Accessory Dwelling Units. ADUs provide homeowners with supplemental income, they provide flexible options for families (more kids, live-in nannies, students, grandparents), they provide opportunities for aging in place. They increase density without disrupting the fabric or character of existing neighborhoods. And best of all, they provide affordable options for people that might otherwise not be able to live in a particular community (myself included).

We did some research back in the fall about interim code hacks for Tiny Houses, but we’re ready to take it one step further. We’re currently developing ADU prototypes that will be looking for good homes (again, literally). Check back soon for specifics on our ADU endeavors here at KWA!

Originally posted by Elizabeth Ward for KWA and ATL ADU CO

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