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A craftsman style, one bedroom, one bathroom, light green accessory dwelling unit in a backyard in Inman Park

Creation Of Rental Income

As detached structures in desirable residential areas, ADUs are very profitable as short, mid, or long-term rentals.  This is why in some cities, ADUs are referred to as mortgage helpers. 

“Our tenants find a huge value in having four walls to themselves and having a yard”

- Molly, ATL ADU client

Multi-generational Living

ADUs provide a separate but nearby housing option for aging parents. 


“I was able to sell my home, pay for the ADU, and have money left over to invest.  Now I can provide free childcare for my granddaughter, with my family close by if I need help”

- Carry, ATL ADU Client

A mother and daughter standing in front of their green and yellow ADU in Grant Park
A sunlight filled interior of an accessory dwelling unit with kitchen and living area and five windows

Add Value To You Home

By adding square footage and transforming your home into an income producing asset, you will immediately increase its value.  Potential buyers see the opportunity to earn income, house their aging parents or guests, and work from home.  All very attractive features in today's market.

Meet Demand

"One and two person households now represent 62% of the country's households.  Small housing options in residential neighborhoods are in huge demand to meet the needs of this burgeoning housing demographic."

- Kol Peterson, Backdoor Revolution

Dark gray ADU with a yellow door and an exterior patio with a fire pit in Chosewood Park
Dark green ADU with a red door and large dormer above the front porch in Reynoldstown

Solve A Problem

In Atlanta and countless other cities around the country, demand for housing is outpacing the supply, especially for affordable and workforce housing.  ADUs provide much needed housing that is efficient, environmentally conscious, and requires no additional parking or rezoning.

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