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Sketch of a studio, one bathroom Accessory Dwelling Unit
Floor plans for an ADU in Atlanta, GA

308 SF w/ 57 SF PORCH

22' x 14' FOOTPRINT w/ 12' x 5' PORCH

The East Lake is an ultraefficient, studio-sized accessory dwelling unit (ADU). The studio’s compact 308 sf footprint boasts a full bathroom, walk-in closet, and galley kitchen. Tall 10’ ceilings and a generous front porch allow this small ADU to pack an outsize presence in a backyard. The East Lake is a distinguished yet economically sound choice for those with space and/or cost constraints. 

Sketch of a one bedroom, one bathroom ADU
Floor plans for a one bedroom, one bathroom ADU

429 SF w/ 75 SF PORCH

28' x 15'-4" FOOTPRINT w/ 15' x 5' PORCH

Named after the home of ATL ADU CO, the R-Town is an efficient accessory dwelling unit with a bedroom (with closet), full bathroom, galley kitchen, and living room all in a compact 440 SF footprint. Large windows are placed to deliver as much natural light as possible to the interior and facilitate natural ventilation when weather permits. The R-Town has a lot to offer in a small footprint, which makes it adept at accommodating challenging lot conditions.  See photos of a completed unit here.

Sketch of a two bedroom two bathroom ADU


Floor plan of an ADU

645 SF w/ 104 SF PORCH


Inspired by Atlanta’s abundance of American Craftsman bungalows, the K-Wood features two bedrooms, each with separate bathroom and storage space. A kitchen and living room open onto a deep covered porch. Generous windows provide natural light and ventilation through the interior, and the galley kitchen offers plenty of room for prep and appliances. With a footprint only slightly larger than the R-Town and two exterior entry doors, the K-Wood offers an ideal setup for Airbnb rental, aging parents, and/or a long-term rental.  See photos of a completed unit here​.

Design element describing the options for an ADU
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