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ADUs: The Perfect Housing Solution

Updated: Mar 27

We're excited to have our ADU featured in ‘ADUs: The Perfect Housing Solution’! This coffee table book profiles “25 of the most beautiful and efficient accessory dwelling units in North America”.  Featured is our 2bd/2ba ‘Kwood’ model in Peoplestown, affectionately called ‘Fern’ (named after its street… but also we dare you to provide a cuter name for an ADU).

From the author Sheri Koones: “The ADU matches the aesthetic of the primary house and the surrounding neighborhood.  Both the primary and secondary units are long-term rentals so they separated utilities on this project rather than tying the ADU into the main house.  The design is inspired by Atlanta’s abundance of American Craftsman bungalows.  The siding is fiber cement.” We joined Sheri on the podcast Boroughs and Burbs to discuss all things ADUs. You can watch or listen here!

"Fern", 2bd/2ba 750 sft ADU in Atlanta, GA. Scroll to see gallery photos. Staging by clients.

You can learn more about Fern, and its owners Molly and Nick, here. If we can help you build an ADU like Fern, and you're in the Atlanta area, we'd love to chat!

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