We’ve carefully considered the process from start to finish - from financing all the way through construction - and are ready to guide you through the journey. We broke the process down to the ten steps that take you from the first meeting to delivery of the keys to your new ADU. If any details seem daunting, remember you have the full support of the ATL ADU CO team and our extensive experience with design, permitting, and construction in Atlanta.

• Learn about our products through our ATL ADU CO Buyer’s Guide (email us for info!)
• Easy access to our dedicated Project Manager (PM)
• Learn about what happens throughout the process
• Discuss outside-scope contractor services, like landscapers and renovators


• Meet with the PM in person on-site to observe conditions
• Connect with lenders and learn about financing options
• Discuss contingencies and special site conditions
• Review a 3D walkthrough, architectural floor plans, and photos
Make a $2,500 non-refundable deposit to conduct feasibility assessment and complete survey
• Preparation of For-Construction Site Survey, and Feasibility Site Plan
• Verify that your desired unit fits on your property and identify contingencies required for your budget


• Customer receives a Contract to review with assistance from the PM
• At completion of Feasibility, customer deposits $20,000 ($12,500 of which is non-refundable if the project does not proceed)
• The PM confirms completion of the contract and funding wire. Customer and PM select finishes from available options
• PM hands off to design team to complete Building Permit Documents


• As design and permit documents proceeds, the PM provides the customer with a Weekly Status Report on progress
• The PM will work with the Customer and General Contractor (GC) to complete Permit Applications
• All permit fees are included in the $20,000 deposit

When the permit is complete, 50% of the ADU cost is due. The previous $2,500 and $20,000 deposit payments are applied to the 50%

• PM introduces the Customer to the GC (single point of contact).
• Customer is given a
Construction Resource Manual with details on the construction phase.
• GC answers questions about what to expect and discusses
Project Schedule with the Customer.


6. MOBILIZE (2 wks)
• As permit is approved, GC notifies Customer when mobilization begins, and Customer confirms receipt within 8 hours.
• The GC will mark footprint of structure and staging areas on site
• The GC will manage the installation of fencing, signage, dumpsters, and safety features.
• The GC will manage the delivery of all materials to the site to the specified staging area.


7. BUILD (8-10 weeks)
• Customer provides payment for 40% of the ADU construction cost at completion and sign off of the Building Rough-In Inspection (resulting in 90% of the total construction cost).
• The GC provides the PM with a
Weekly Construction Update including photos and description of work completed.
• The PM will review the weekly update with the Customer.
• At the completion of construction, the GC and PM will schedule an inspection with the Customer.


• The PM and GC prepare a Punch List and complete punch list items.
• The GC meets with the City Inspector to obtain a
Certificate of Occupancy.
The Customer makes the final payment of 10%.
• Once confirmed, the GC and PM schedule the homeowner orientation and handoff meeting.
• The PM and GC meet with the Customer using the
Orientation Book, which includes a package of all product manuals, warranties, and construction documentation.
• The Customer receives the keys and Construction Phase is complete.

The PM and GC can assist with claims against warranty items for a period of 1 year following the Close-out. All warranty items should be emailed to PM, and PM will coordinate with GC on schedule.


The ATL ADU CO appreciates testimonials and photography that we can use to improve how we engage with other customers. We will be in touch to follow-up on your ownership and appreciate you sharing your experiences.

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